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Supporting digital creators to bring their ideas to life.

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1) What kind of projects can I get the equipment for?

Original creative projects in the areas of visual art, film and video art, photography, music, graphic design, literary arts and virtual reality art. If you don’t fit into these categories, even better, just tell us what you do and we’ll consider it.

2) What type of equipment can I get?

Anything you find at If you don’t see it, tell us what you need and we’ll see if we can source it for you.

3) How long can I get the equipment for?

Up to three months.

4) How many devices can I apply for?

As we don’t know what your needs are and the aim of your project, it’s hard to say right now. All we can say is, that’s it’s possible to get multiple devices within reason. Tell us what you need, and we’ll consider it.

5) Where will my work be showcased?

Your interview, video and pictures of your work will be promoted on our media partners' channels, as well as Grover's blog and social media channels.

6) Can I apply for more than one project?

To help as many people create their work as possible, we’re limiting it to one project per person. But by all means apply for each project you have in mind.

7) What do you expect of the creator and the project?

We’re looking for creators who are genuinely trying to do something new with technology. You don’t have to be established, but we do ask that you show us your passion and commitment to your project. The project should be something original and interesting, and that will inspire people.

8) Do I have to commit to anything?

All we ask is that you allow us to share the outcome of your project on Grover’s pages and those of our partners, including video interviews.

9) Do I need to be a member of the Grover community to apply?

Yes. If you’re not yet a member, all you need to do is create a profile.

10) Who assesses my application?

Our creative team will evaluate your application and select the creators we’d like to work with.

11) How many projects will you be supporting?

We don’t know yet. It will depend on the costs of the projects we choose, but we’re aiming for 6-8 per year.

12) When will I know if I’m successful?

Within four weeks of applying. We aim to respond personally to each creator who applies.

13) What if I live in Germany, but want to show the work outside the country?

That’s fine. We’ll help you as much as we can. But we’re based in Germany, and can help you most here.

14) How do I return the equipment once I’m done?

Just send it back to Grover, postage paid. We’ll help you with this process (read more about how it works here) if you need us to.

15) What’s Grover?

Grover is a fresh alternative to ownership, enabling people to live, work, and play with the latest technology simply by subscribing monthly.

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